adventures of the yansquid


Gonna get through this. And hopefully the pharmacy is open before work.

I fucked up my meds again and it was gonna be okay because I was gonna have tomorrow off to recover. But now I’m working tomorrow… Aiya…

Don’t overthink it, baby.

hi bea! i'm currently working on a webcomic but i am experiencing some kind of anxiety about it to be honest. i really want to do it but i'm afraid that it'll either not get noticed or people will just think it's bad, what should I do? :(



success doesnt happen overnight! it may take a long time to get “noticed” or for people to start responding, so in the meanwhile concentrate on making the work as “you” as possible! give it your unique voice. if youre passionate about what you do then equally passionate like-minded people will flock as well.

the anxiety is the hardest part to get over, and the best way to handle it is to slowly learn to abandon the idea of making something perfect for other people. make something thats fun for you. if its fun, it will be significantly easier to post without lingering regrets

your art doesnt have to be perfect, at all, the writing doesnt have to be on point 24/7. nothing has to be perfect, but you should give it your best and come to understand that people dont expect perfection from you, they only want your best. take care of yourself! i hope this makes sense. im v sleepy

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Welcome to the 2.0.

oh wow. my boss got into a car accident. time to be a good employee and try not call them tomorrow for help on my first day opening by myself.

wuh, long day at work. did a crapton of piercings, including a child who’s parents made me uncomfortable [them trying to hold down their screaming seven-year-old, telling me to hurry up and go for it.] and a girl who was being so picky and anal [it’s fine, but after ten minutes of her looking on her phone and into the mirror and “i don’t know. i think it should be here. i’m not sure, because these pictures are like this, but i want it like this and omglol i’m so picky~.” and eventually i’m just like “sit in the chair and i’ll make some marks and we’ll work from there. >:| ” ] and another woman who wouldn’t stop mumbling into her phone headset?

but there were also some good ones.

also did my first earl piercing. kinda had to bluff my way through it when she asked questions. in theory i know what i’m doing. and it looked great. but, yeah.

nine hour shifts are a doozy.



experience it

a surreal experience, for sure.



experience it

a surreal experience, for sure.